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ELISAVA Representatives

Students are an active part in the quality system of the School. Their implication and participation in the government agencies and the development of improvement and evaluation methodologies is taken into account.

The School highly values these students’ work, dedicating part of their time to represent their classmates. Besides, this activity enhances the feeling of belonging to ELISAVA’s community, while, at the same time, helps to improve different aspects related to the studies, the facilities, and the internal academic procedures. Bachelor’s Degree students developing this activity can obtain 1 ECTS credit for each year exercising the representation of the students within the frame of recognition of university activities.

ELISAVA has scheduled meetings in which the attendance of the following representatives is required: The Board of the School, the Board of Studies, and the Planning and Evaluation Committee (CPA), as well as the periodic meetings with the Deans of Studies, the teaching coordinators, the directors of the master and postgraduate programmes, and the teachers, in order to evaluate the application and development of the subjects’ curriculums and every aspect relating the contents of the studies.

These meetings are ruled by several orders and regulations such as ELISAVA’s School Policies and its Official Degrees’ Verification Reports, along with the Organic Law on Universities.