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50 años de ELISAVA


Established in 1961, it is the first design school launched in Spain. As a pioneer, ELISAVA has established methodological guidelines which have served as a starting point for other schools.

The School was founded thanks to the effort of a group of professionals and cultural intellectuals (theorists, architects and designers) concerned about the teaching of design and committed to social and cultural modernisation. This group defined a leading edge working line distinguished by joining academic rigour with the profession, which continues in effect today.

Throughout its trajectory, the role of ELISAVA has been decisive in forging the design culture in Catalonia and Spain. This is the case for various reasons. Many of the professionals working in the design world were educated at ELISAVA, but since its inception it has been an open platform for anyone who has something new, intelligent and thoughtful to propose.

Very prominent figures have spoken at the School. Lecturers, speakers and collaborators have contributed to make ELISAVA a benchmark school where rigour, innovation and future outlook go hand in hand with creativity and technology.

At ELISAVA we have a track record of 50 years committed to open, flexible and multidisciplinary teaching and research, strongly geared toward the professional world, driving close collaborations with companies, institutions and universities around the world.

Based on our solid record of accomplishment as pioneers in teaching design and engineering, we continue contributing to the training of high-profile professionals.  

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