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Mission, Vision and Values


ELISAVA promotes knowledge, research, development, and innovation in all the fields revolving around design, engineering, and communication. This is achieved by means of an academic training that prepares the students to meet professional challenges at an international level, promoting the relationship of our community with the business sector, as well as with institutions and nowadays society. In this way, the School ensures the student’s viability to transform themselves and grow in a global and changing environment.


ELISAVA wants to become a university centre with the status of international model, contributing to the transformation of human environment and the creation of new realities; combining the development of design, engineering and communication with creativity and quality.


At ELISAVA, the education and research opportunities we provide are innovative, flexible, creative, multidisciplinary, and strongly focused on the professional sector. With this objective, the School collaborates widely with local, national, and international firms, institutions, and universities.

Its methodological guidelines have been implemented as role model in other design schools.

The School is a catalyst for cross-line training and research, flexible and creative, poured into the professional world and in close collaboration with international companies and universities.