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International Outlook

Cooperation with universities in different countries is one of the essential features of ELISAVA’s educational project. Exchange and mobility of students and lecturers enrich the university experience, and the School promotes them by establishing networks with international schools that also include the development of joint teaching, research and cooperation programmes.

The value of this interchange lies in the two-way exchange involved. We believe that the diversity of profiles and perspectives provided by students from around the world enriches ELISAVA. The School therefore actively promotes diversity for the benefit of an increasingly more diverse and dynamic community.

ELISAVA's international presence has intensified throughout its history, as it has consolidated its academic prestige. For us, the knowledge of other cultures, other ways of approaching disciplines taught by ELISAVA, is a basic asset in training students. The School therefore offers participation in exchange programs in which students can compare other learning methodologies in different countries.

ELISAVA has established agreements with more than 70 schools worldwide — Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia — and it participates in various exchange, research and cooperation programmes with international academic institutions. The experience allows us to confirm that the benefit is twofold: it favours the circulation of knowledge and improves the teaching of disciplines taught by the School.

This international outlook is reflected in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, where more than 40% of students come from other countries. To meet this demand, the School also offers continuing education programmes taught entirely in English.