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Master in 3D Automotive and Product Digital Modelling

Basic data


Master’s Degree in 3D Automotive and Product Digital Modelling, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Josep Mª Montseny Iglesias

ECTS Credits



Year 2019-2020
From September to July.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
From 5 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.


Spanish. Some sessions may be in English.


Year 2019-2020: 10,000 € (plus 400 € in concept of registration fee).

Admission requirements

• University degree in the field of architecture, engineering, design or fine arts.
• Training or professional experience in 3D design.
• High level of Spanish.
• Experience in the use of 3D softwares.


How can we respond to new forms of mobility? How can we transform the real world from the virtual one?

With the exponential growth of new technologies, the real world is transformed from the virtual world. And 3D modeling allows us to make more design proposals and make them faster. In addition, the competitive world of design and vehicle manufacturing is experiencing a revolution; it is looking for autonomous vehicles, with maximum connectivity, with new propulsion systems and with new forms of mobility, which implies the need for new designs.

Real time 3D digital modeling in the vehicle and product design sector allows us to develop a virtual project from the initial idea to the production. Based on predetermined technical and aesthetic data, we can define the way of projecting and, in turn, we can represent the model at any time of its development with renders or animation. We can also do it with a physical model, which will allow us, finally, to generate the product.

With this purpose, the Master will work with state-of-the-art specialized tools applied to digital modeling and digital representation, such as Autodesk Alias, Icemsurf and Maya software.

We will also prioritize the practical application by developing several projects for each learning module and a Final Project to bring the student closer to the actual labour reality. Likewise, we will promote internships with specialized companies in the sector such as SEAT, IDIADA, Rucker Lypsa EDAG Group, IBO Engineering or Design Freeze.

The course will be complemented by master lectures on the subject.

Máster en Modelado Digital 3D para Automoción y Producto


The objectives of the programme are:

The students will acquire and exercise all the necessary knowledge and skills to design and develop projects in the field of advanced digital representation, particularly for the transport systems sector. The student will gain the specific theoretical and practical knowledge of each phase, as well as a cross-cutting vision and experience of the global process.

The content of the Master is specially interesting for those professionals who develop or want to develop their activity in the field of surface design and digital visualization within the automotive, vehicle or product sector.


  • Ability to analyze 3D environments from the technical and design aspects in order to generate an optimal digital modeling.
  • Knowledge of digital project planning, surface design phases and their applications.
  • Application of the different strategies for the resolution of organic forms through an adequate definition of digital modeling.
  • Knowledge and skills in the use of the most effective programs for the generation and modification of surfaces.
  • Knowledge of polygonal modeling, command of design surfaces modeling and class A surfaces modeling, as well as knowledge about visualization.
  • Ability to communicate the approaches and execution of a digital modeling project.

Digital Modelling Scholarships

ELISAVA encourages the excellence of its future students and opens a call of 10 scholarships, equivalent to 12% of this programme’s cost*, for the best profiles.
All people who have done the online pre-enrollment to the programme before June 30th 2018  can aim for the Digital Modelling Scholarships.
The selected students will be told after 30 days of the starting of the course.
*Non-accumulative with other discounts and Alumni Bold 

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