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Master in Temporary Space Design: Exhibition, Event, Pop-up

Basic data


Master’s Degree in Temporary Space Design, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Roger Paez
Toni Montes

ECTS Credits



One edition per year from September to July.
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. From 5p.m. to 9.15 p.m.




Year 2019-2020: 11,000 € (plus 400 € registration fees)

Admission requirements

• University degree or university graduate degree (Architecture, Planning, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Arts, Media Arts...)
• High level of English.
• Proficiency in CAD, 3D modeling, graphic design software, hand drawing and physical modeling.


How to find balance between available resources and temporary projects? How can we rethink the aims, methodologies and results of architecture and spatial design practices in the era where “temporary is the new permanent”?

Temporary space design is an increasingly relevant activity, encompassing a wide range of formats that are well-established in both the cultural sphere and the business world. ELISAVA’s Master’s degree in Temporary Space Design (known as MEATS) proposes an in-depth exploration of the main temporary space formats (event, pop-up, public space intervention and exhibition) with the aim of providing students with a general conceptual and instrumental toolkit, dealing with all stages of design from conceptualization to specific detailed resolution.

The Master’s degree in Temporary Space Design establishes a firm connection between academic training (research) and praxis (construction), with the goal of broadening students’ understanding, developing their specialization, and situating them in a growing labor market.


Master’s Degree in Temporary Space Design


The main goal of the Master’s degree in Temporary Space Design (MEATS) is the comprehensive training of students in the field of temporary space design.

This training involves the acquisition of the following capacities:

  • Capacity for Creativity
  • Capacity for Strategic Thinking
  • Capacity for Research
  • Capacity for Multi-disciplinary work and Negotiation with the other agents in the design process
  • Capacity to Present and Communicate designs
  • Capacity to develop Material solutions for designs
  • Capacity to Construct design proposals

The thematic and methodological structure is organized to fulfill this primary objective, to ensure that students who successfully complete the Master’s degree will acquire a high value-added professional profile specialized in the design of temporary spaces in all different formats.

In addition to postgraduate academic preparation, the Master’s degree provides practical training through the actual construction of many of the design proposals, providing students with specialized professional experience that positions them very well in the labor market for temporary space design.


  • Advanced knowledge in temporary space design theory and its diverse formats.
  • Specialisation in the emergent professional field of ephemeral architecture and temporary space design.
  • Advanced skills in strategic design thinking and conceptualisation.
  • Advanced skills in developing both applied research and practice-oriented projects.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge in graphic mediation systems: maps, diagrams, scores, scenarios and protocols.
  • Advanced skills in high added value graphic presentations using multiple formats and softwares.
  • Ability to develop physical prototypes using the advanced tools of the Elisava Lab (3D printing, laser cutter, CNC milling machine, vacuum moulding, steelwork, woodwork etc).
  • Hands-on practical knowledge in temporary space design construction systems.
  • Ability to prepare professional presentations and communicate projects to clients.
  • Real teamwork experiences with external partners from concept design phase to construction (Popup, Event, Art installations, Exhibition and Temporary Public Space projects).
  • Research-oriented teamwork organisation, scheduling and coordination skills.

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