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MasterLab in Service Design Systems

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MasterLab in Service Design Systems - Exploring Place and Community Through Design Research, degree awarded by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Arianna Mazzeo

ECTS Credits



Year 2019-2020




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Admission requirements

- Bachelor's degree
- Selection: based on background, professional motivation, out-of-mainstream attitude, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, visions and personal commitment.
- You must record a 2 minutes video, explaining why you want to join the MasterLAB. It must be uploaded on a public video platform (Vimeo, YouTube or similar) and send the URL as a PDF attachment in the "expectation letter" section when you complete the official application form.


How can we understand our cities, in order to co-create new and transformative services systems that reflect the needs of all communities?

With many cities and rural communities facing complex and inter-related social challenges, local government, businesses and third sector organisations are tasked to collaboratively engage and co-create innovative service solutions that reflect place and community. This MasterLab focuses on Service Design as a transformative process that captures the social values of neighbourhoods and communities, in order to co-create inclusive service solutions that will sustain and enhance citizens and civic spaces. If you want to develop your expertise and skills to co-create collaborative systems, re-design relationships between communities and publics and co-produce public-private partnerships with citizens then join us.

Design is a social and collaborative act. To engage in positive change and define our futures within our environments we need to engage and co-design with citizens at a local level, and policy makers in government, to rethink places and communities as both sites and agents of resilience and innovation. Understanding research through design and services, you will learn how to conceptualize, prototype and bring to life new futures for all, starting with your neighbourhood, community, village and city. In this creative process you will apply design tools and generative thinking to real life problems to enhance circular education and economy, and collaborate to create new shared educational mindsets.


MasterLAB Service Design for Place and Community Building




This MasterLab in Service Design aims:

  • To prepare professionals, service designers, creative, practitioners, policy designers and design managers for the new opportunities of a blockchain and commons-driven innovation.
  • To train designers, artists, architects, design managers, creative, engineering, makers, civic entrepreneurs, strategist, cultural experts, to co-design, in different urban and rural contexts opportunities, linked platforms of social digital innovation, through applied research in service design, in a multidisciplinary context with a cross-cultural understanding. 
  • To offer professionals the tools to develop a personal, multidisciplinary research approach to the city, urban and rural communities, the public space as a public good, which can be applied to a variety of fields and creative practices.
  • To train professionals in the development of urban and rural projects with sustainability, community and resilience at their core.


You will learn to:

  • Understand the complex nature of the urban and rural communities and develop experimental research strategies for applied projects.
  • Analyse future socio-cultural scenarios and contextualise collaborative policy in the city and the region.
  • Select and apply research, principles and practices of the service design processes and the specific social and digital innovation processes to your local context.
  • Acquire the skills for co-creation and apply it in your community.
  • Evaluate resilient aspects and the environmental impact of material, re-use and super-use.
  • Learn how to co-design with local communities in order to produce new visions, policy, strategy and tools. 
  • Be an agent of positive change by developing collaborative scenarios and situated actions.
  • Generate an open-ended creative storytelling and applied strategy, in order to foster transformative educational pathways by researching and experimenting through the design of services.
  • Recognize the potential of new emergent social and creative business models, of people-driven innovation, blockchain and service design in the context of collaborative economy and circular city design.





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