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Postgraduate in Product Concept

Basic data


Postgraduate Diploma in Product Concept, degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Josep Puig

ECTS Credits



From September to February.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
From 5 to 9.15 p.m.




Year 2019-2020: 5,270 € (plus 400 € in concept of registration fee)

Admission requirements

• University degree, college or Bachelor’s certificate.
• Preferably degrees in Design and degrees in Engineering in Industrial Design.
• High level of Spanish.

Course in Spanish

The Postgraduate in Product Concept is a professional course that offers two types of design projects for its students. At the same time, in the modules of Concept, Management and Representation, which are parallel to exclusive Workshops, the resources to face its realization are offered. The contents of these modules have a broad perspective and are also oriented towards other needs of the professional activity.

Some of these projects are based in research, they are carried out individually and the students agree to conceptualize from the field of Experimental Design, as an initiation to the Research in Design. Some others, which also have an exploration and experimentation focus, are oriented to solve the requirements that companies pose to us. Until 2018, we have worked with more than twenty national and international firms that have commissioned us to explore topics within their respective fields. Elisava is one of the pioneer schools in the application of Experimental Design in academic projects1. Since the mid-eighties we have been working with this kind of projects to get some advanced information on the application of new technologies and materials, as in the configuration of the form and interaction of industrial products.

The Postgraduate in Product Concept is a test bed to anticipate and test solutions oriented to satisfy new needs. This know-how, related to the current techniques of creativity and UX, offers a complete offer for conceptualization in design.

  1. Puig, J. (2018). Perceiving the Future: Experimental Design at ELISAVA 1986-1992. ICDHS 10th+1. Barcelona

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Several authors

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